The 1941 Wilkinson’s Lemonade Factory Disaster

On May 3rd, 1941, a lone German aircraft dropped a single bomb onto the Wilkinson’s Lemonade Factory in North Shields. At the time of the attack, the factory basement was used as an air raid shelter. Over 100 men, women and children lost their lives in the disaster. It was the worst World War II bombing incident in the North East.

This film was produced to both commemorate those who lost their lives in the disaster and to thank the local usung heroes and heroines who risked their lives to rescue others.

The 1941 Wilkinson's Lemonade Factory Disaster – North Shields from Benton Park on Vimeo.

3 thoughts on “The 1941 Wilkinson’s Lemonade Factory Disaster

  1. Well, Year5/6EB…that is just astonishingly good! Well done everyone who took part. I know just how much hard work you must have put into that. With your permission I’d like to put it into the video section of so a whole lot more people around the world can see it. Would that be OK?

    Great work and well done again.

    Best regards
    Peter Bolger

  2. I think that is really good it’s effective the way you put it back in time like with the sounds, black and white colour, the facts inbetween it’s fabulous.

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