Spiders by Leanne

Hot on the heels of Louis’ animation comes one from Leanne!


14 thoughts on “Spiders by Leanne

    • I said the same thing to Louis, since you two are having a battle, you should make another animation (Title e.g. : Spiders 2, Spiders 2 : The Spidys Come Back) or you can have (Spiders : Spiders get revenge) because the spiders got chased away by the dogs and Homer Simpson, wasn’t it Homer?

      • Well I’m thinking of doing another animation call
        doughut feachers when Homer simson get’s chased be a monster call dounhut monster

  1. That was really good, I was going to reply when I first watched it, but my computer broke down so I coulden’t comment. Sorry Leanne, but it was really cool.

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