We admit to having a little help with this one!!!

In year 5/6 we worked with Marc and Vicky from Haltwhistle film company to make a film last year. Ms Lee Comstock(Wesley Croom’s mum)won a grant from First Light Films to make the film. The film shows a journey around the quayside-parts of which you will obviously recognise, but others bits are deliberately harder to spot!

Marc and Vicky helped us with the filming and of course we used all their jazzy kit(including a pin camera which we attached to the bridge and an amazing old 1930’s camera). We did all the editing back at school and it took ages! That’s the thing about making films-for every minute of film you see there is probably a days work! Nevertheless we had a fab time making it then going to the premier at Featherstone castle!!

We hope you in enjoy it-we are very proud of it!

I especially like the bird popping out of the Tyne!!-It may be a comerant?!-My knowledge of birds is a little shaky.

And we also knocked these together when we went up to Haltwhistle

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