Louis has been making his own animation at home. This is now our 3rd film made completely independently at home. I wonder how long Gillian had her house in chaos before it was complete. I love the sound effcts Louis and it definately has its Louis’ stamp on it. Well done to Bethan and James too, but mainly well done Louis!!! We are very proud of you.


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  1. Well Gillians house wasn’t in chaos although it was a hard task having to make sure no one intruded into the shoot. I have to confess I found it a bit tricky eating that wooden cake ecspesially digesting it. I really did enjoy making it.

  2. That was AWSOME! One more thing, at the end or the begining, you can put a photo of the cast. (e.g., Theres a photo of James, and at the bottom theres something saying Staring James Natras, then Bething, and then you know what to do then)

    • Just to be on the safe side I didn’t put James’s face because I wasn’t sure if he was allowed on the blog or not

      Next time don’t put Jams’s second name ; )

  3. I will not take all the credit for this because James helped me animate this video and bethan starred in this video and ollie for getting his face in it
    I will update and a new annimation will be posted soon.

    • If you and Leanne are having a animation battle, you, James and Bethan should make another one (Title e.g : Louis 2, Louis 2: The Dogs Revenge) Because it got ran over (Title e.g : Louis 2 : Bethan comes Back) because she went away on a plan.

  4. Louis that was a great, hilarious, bonkerliciously awesome I loved the bit when Bethan was eating the wooden cake ouch!! it was mainly great except the bit when olivers face was in.

  5. I loved it louis it was amazing …… and random !! by the way what happend to bethan , she was there then she fell and vanished .. any way i thought it was absoulotly fantastic

    kheira w :p

  6. Its realy realy good i love it all and bethan you are a good actor in this and that cake looks rely nice it was amazing and the bug part is quite scary=)

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