28 thoughts on “Erin And Anya’s Cake Mystery

  1. Hi it’s Erin lord here. In case you did not understand the animation I will tell you the story. It was Christmas eve and Erin was making her Christmas cake. Finally after a long time she put the tree on top and it was done. Erin suddenly rememberd that she needed to by some food and went out to the shops. Erin had not realised that a little girl called Anya had watched her all afternoon. As soon as Erin had gone Anya smashed the door and went inside her face lit up as soon as she saw the cake. She ran over to it and took a bite. After an hour it was nearly finished but Anya could not eat another slice so she left it. Suddenly Anya heard footsteps and ran to hide. Erin had seen the smashed door and ran in. Erin saw the eaten cake and shouted with anger. Erin went over to sit down and spotted Anya. Erin started telling Anya off but never finished because Anya ran out of the house. Erin was very upset but decided to make a new one The End. It took about ten minutes but I think it is very good and I hope you do to. Bye bye.

  2. Well done Erin and Anya I think your animation is fun. Does anyone know the secret of the cake and how many were used in the film? I will eat the Christmas cake knowing it has starred in a movie!
    Elaine (Erin’s Mum).

  3. Hi it’s anya here
    Our film was made at Erin’s house on my ipad mini it was filmed on the app animoto had and you can make good vidioe a on it to!!’!!!!!!!

    Bye anya

  4. I do hope you like that video because tonight another Anya and Erin mystery will come of age and will hopefully,you will like it I won’t give to much away accept I end up in jail dun dun dun.But I wonder what else will happen but I must still be up to my trickles.The characters are Erin an adult an me a child well that’s all bye.


  5. That was great, Erin and Anya! I can’t until I see your next film! I’m sure that it’ll be amazing just like your first film. It must’ve been hard planning it and filming it. I’m sure you both are really proud of yourself. If I were one of you, I would definitely be proud of myself.

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