Benton Park Film

Welcome to the world of film at Benton Park.

In this section you’ll find past films made by students at Benton Park. You’ll be amazed at what has been achieved so far!!

The school has won many awards!

2011-Port of Tyne Reflect Youth Film Awards-Runners up-‘Quayside’
2012-Royal Television Society Junior Festival-Winners-‘The Blitz’
2013-Royal Television Society Junior Festival-Winners-‘Alone’
2014-Royal Television Society Junior Festival-Winners-‘The Mask’
2015-Royal Television Society Junior Festival-Commendation-‘Home’
2014-Port of Tyne Reflect Youth Film Awards-Winners- ‘A Short (Very) History of Newcastle’

It has 3 films in this years RTS final!

Many of these films now come from children who have independently worked at home!

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